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A pack of 10 high quality bassoon reed blanks made from Güner  cane.

  • Shaper: Danzi standard, Fox2, Rieger1, Rieger 1a, Rieger 2, Rieger 4, Thunemann and KOR.
  • Blade: 30 mm
  • Shaft: 27 mm
  • Ream: not cuted



Güner tube grows in the Mediterranean climate of Turkey. The manufacturer himself is an orchestra bassoonist. His high-quality cane is perfect for a well-balanced playing and offers a warm, flexible and round tone. A high percentage of thin fibers allows the right density for longer lasting reeds. The canes good hardness will fit your individual reed making style.



10 high quality bassoon reed blanks from Güner cane /dukov_reeds Gr/

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